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Pads Non-Woven

Pads Non-Woven
When nonwovens are used in the treatment (e.g., finishing) a liquid or solid lubricant is applied to the nonwoven to improve the abrasive power of the article and to prevent " ( to read more click here )

Lisco Sponge

Dressing Sponge Strlie

Pads Gauze

Pads Gauze

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CURITY Gauze Pad

Gauze Sponge

Abdominal Pad Sterile

Triple Layer Gauze Pad

Non-Adherent Pads

As is well recognized in the art, ideally a wound dressing comprising an absorbent material providing a reservoir for the wound fluids diffusing from the wound should not interfere with normal wound healing to learn more about Non-Adherent Pads please click here.

3M Medipore + Pad Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing

Non Adhesive Steril Gauze Dressing

Non-Adherent Pads

Primapore Dressing

Gauze Impregnated

Gauze Impregnated

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Non adhering Deressing

Oil Emulsion Dressing - Sterile

White Petrolatum Dressing - Sterile

Xeroform Gauze Dressing - Sterile

Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze

Core Wound Miscellaneous Products

Core Wound Miscellaneous Products

Wound Care
There are lots of ways that you can treat abrasions but this is the least fuss way and it will heal the fastest. Unfortunately the semi-permeable membrane dressings like Tegaderm are hard to find because they are not marketed to the general public. Try medical supply places. It also works well to put on the kids skinned up knees and such. To read more please click here.

Skin Staple Removal Kit


High Compression Bandage

Anoperineal Dressing

Band Aids

Band Aids

Liquid Bandage

Foam Adhesive Bandage

Adhesive Clear Bandage Assortment

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Attachment Devices

Attachment Devices

Horizontal Drain/Tube Attachment Device

Feeding Tube Attachment Device

Drain/Tube Attachment Device

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Adesive Strips

Adesive Strips

We tested the adhesive strength of six varieties of adhesive bandages with the TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer using a TA-220 Multiple Puncture Fixture with a TA-53 5 mm diameter punch probe. The bandages tested were 3M's Active Strip Brights Flexible Foam, Curad's Sheer Strips, Sensitive Skin, Neon Strips Flexible Fabric, Payless' Clear Bandages, and Tsumura Int'l's Kid Care Printed Adhesive Batman Bandages. All bandages were store-bought. to read more click here

Opticlude Oval Eye Patches

Coverlet Adhesive Dressing

Walker Accessories

Walker Accessories

Folding Tray

Folding Hemi Walker

Adjustable Folding Walker

COmpact Travel Walker

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Rollator Accessories

Rollator Accessories

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Aluminmum Rollator with Loop Brakes

Economy Rollator

Folding Compact Travel Rollator

Crutch Accessories

Crutch Accessories

Ready To Use Crutch

Crutch Mate Crutch Arm and Hand Grip Pads

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Ambulatory Replacement

Ambulatory Products

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Crutch Tips

Cane Tips

Medication Helpers

Diabetic Corner

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Calibrated Plastic Medicine Cup

Medi Planner II

Wallet Organizer