Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diabetic Supplies

Discount Diabetic Supplies
Diabetic Equipment, Diabetic Machines, Insulin products, insulin syringes, diabetic strips, lancets and other diabetic testing supplies
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Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Scooters, Scooter accessories, Wheelchairs, Wheelchair cushions, Wheelchair accessories, Pride Mobility Scooters, and other durable medical equipment

Diabetic Equipment, Diabetes Supply, Insulin products, insulin syringes, diabetes blood sugar strips, lancets and other diabetic testing supplies

Tens Units, TENS unit electrodes, electric heating pads, moist-heat heating pads and other Pain Management equipment and supplies

Blood Pressure Monitors, blood pressure cuffs and supplies, Thermometers, Breast Pumps and breast pump supplies.

Adult incontinence briefs, incontinence pads and other adult Urinary Incontinence Supplies

Ostomy pouches, wafers, pastes, Ostomy adhesives, catheters, Ostomy belts, skin care and other Ostomy supplies

Cervical Collars, Cervical Pillows, Neck and Back Lumbar Cushions, Shoulder braces, Back Supports, Knee Braces and other orthopedic splints, Orthosis, supplies and orthopedic appliances

Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers, Nebulizers, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Compressors, O2 Cylinders, BIPAP/ CPAP machines, BIPAP/ CPAP masks and other discount respiratory therapy supplies and respiratory equipment

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