Monday, August 27, 2007

Pain Management - Electrodes, Hot and Cold Therapy

Tens Electrical Nerve Stimulators
The patient may use a Tens unit at home for pain management on a long or short-term basis. TENS units are about the size of a pack of cigarettes and typically cost $100 - $700. All TENS units allow the user to adjust the intensity of the stimulation; some units also allow the user to select high-frequency stimulation (60 - 200Hz) or low-frequency stimulation (<10 href="">Electrodes can be placed over the painful area, surrounding the painful area, over the nerve supplying the painful area, or even on the opposite side of the body. TENS users need to try the unit for several days with several electrode placements prior to deciding if it will be useful. A home trial for several days to weeks is preferable.
Lead Wires
Tape Patches/Gels/Lotion
Hot/Cold Therapy
Pain Management Miscellaneous
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