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Incontinence supply

Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence, or bowel and bladder control problems, can be difficult to manage. Common complications of urinary or stool collection systems include infection, leakage and skin breakdown. Keeping catheters and stomas clean and well maintained can reduce these complications quite a bit.
Bladder and bowel control problems can also have a negative impact on your lifestyle. Concerns about the security of waste collection bags, leaks or odors should not limit activities you enjoy. Fortunately, many incontinence products are available that not only prevent infection or skin breakdown, but help you continue to enjoy the daily work and leisure activities you are used to.

Keeping dry
Urine and stool contain substances that can irritate and eventually damage the skin. The best treatment for skin breakdown is prevention. To keep the skin healthy and avoid breakdown, make sure that contact with urine or stool is as limited as possible. This means finding a waterproof or absorbable pad or garment to place next to your skin.
There are many choices available for comfort and security. Depending on the severity of leakage, various products can control leaks and odors. Both reusable and disposable products are available. Reusable undergarments are often made a comfortable, snugly fitting fabric and can be used with disposable liner pads for the most absorbency. Disposable products may have a more plastic feel and can make a rustling noise.
While disposable products generally cost less, you will not have to wash them repeatedly. You may find that different incontinence supplies are more suitable for different situations, and use a combination or methods to control leakage.
The most important criteria for choosing incontinence supplies is fit. Poorly fitting briefs, disposable undergarments or re-fastenable diapers are more prone to leaking as well as causing discomfort. Most suppliers offer a sampler so you can try out different products before you buy large quantities.
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