Thursday, August 30, 2007


Back Support / Back Brace / Lumbar Support
Motion of the thoracic or lumbar spine can often delay healing, especially in fractures or in post-operative fusions. Limiting the motion of the spine by a back support enhances the healing process and minimizes the patient's discomfort. Most common injury that back supports are prescribed in is whiplash injury associated with car or work-related injuries. Most common area that the injury occurs at is the lumber area of the back or at the lumbo sacral junction.
There are basically two types of braces are typically used:
Corset or Elastic Back Supports:
An elastic brace that limits forward motion of the spine is helpful in allowing fusions or healing to set in. People with jobs that require heavy lifting to remind them of proper lifting technique also often wear this type of support.
Rigid Plastic or Metal Brace:
These braces are form-fitting plastic molds that restrict spine motion by as much as 60%.

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